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About Us

Stop Dreaming And Start Practising With The Champion's Team

Superovers is a well-known online fantasy cricket website with thousands of daily users. This site's excellent user experience and security features make it a fantastic choice. Every league you play in earns you rewards and points, so your efforts are never in vain. This includes all current matches, leagues, as well as all updated scoreboards and highlights! The cricket world is now a click away!

Our team includes fantasy cricket experts who understand the principles of fantasy cricket to provide the best customer support, analyse doubts, and clarify the user's problems. Moreover, our team is dedicated 24x7 to giving you the best service when you become or show interest in becoming a registered user of Superovers. We offer exclusive wallet offers, high-prize contests, live users, and a well-structured point system. We are committed to providing our users with the best fantasy cricket deals.




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What Makes Us Spin?


Our Mission

We aim to increase sports fan engagement and views by providing fun contests. We feel that fantasy cricket can help Indian sports fans lead their own team with real-time on-field experience.


Our Vision

Our vision is to offer a fun platform for fantasy cricket fans to test their love for their favourite game by hosting exciting contests around the clock and becoming a well-known brand that stays on forever.


Our Value

Regardless of the situation, you won't see our values dropped or compromised. We prioritize the ease and comfort of our players above all else. We have in turn experienced the benefits of doing so as well.


Our Goal

Being the best at what you do becomes a default setting for anyone with a dream. We aim to keep our players entertained, happy, and prioritizing them over ourselves is our goal and something we do well.